September 30, 2006

Revisiting Podcasting Resources

I am continuing to follow up on podcasting resources and keep in touch with the development of online sites that share and help extend our knowledge and use of podcasting.
The Recap group in the UK continue to exand their 'Podcasts for educators, schools and colleges' website (see the 'educate' blue link in the tool bar to the right as well!). Directed by Dave Jobbings this service aims to present a verified collection of podcasts and resources. Podcast Bangladesh has its own page am I pleased to see time has been put into developing an attractive and functional website to showcase the work of schools around the world. The Podcast Resources page provides a chronological list of relevant links. In particular I will mention the online course for educators called 'Podcasting Basics'. Using Moodle, this coures invites participants to login and share ideas and resources as they work through the content, and it's free!

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September 02, 2006

NEW! Podcast Directory UK

Thanks to David Noble for this new directory.

From the opening page:

This education podcast database has been constructed and is maintained by David Noble, a teacher of pupils with additional support needs in Fife, Scotland. David was exposed to the possibilities of using Web 2.0 (Social Software) technologies through the work of Ewan McIntosh, and Dave and Jeff at EdTechTalk. He has been a teacher since 1996.

Although the site confirms that the podcasts in the directory are of an educational nature, it is not responsible for the content of the podcasts. We would alway advise listing to a podcast before playing it to children.

I had a quick browse through this very user friendly and well designed site. Although in its start-up days it offers a portal for educators to find useful educationl podcasts under subjetc categories such as 'ICT', Human Rights', 'Geography' etc.

I look forward to exploring this further. A great resource!

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