June 20, 2006

An idea for a global podcasting project

I am contemplating an idea for a global collaborative project that uses podcasting as a tool to communicate the sounds (and the sights) of different locations, but with the audio being the main feature. The collaboration would be between classrooms and students from all over the world and be called 'Hear the World'.

My inspiration for this idea has come from two sources, the 'Where in the World' geographical quiz podcast brought to us by Kidcast: Podcasting in the classroom and Tony Vincent's 'Our City Podcast'.

I really admire Tony's slick website and well designed ideas that are very inclusive for educators and students alike. However, as an international educator I would like to see wider and more global participation. The theme I have in mind will be an investigation and a celebration of the 'sounds' common to the everyday life of the creators. These may include sounds heard during the average school day or sounds from around the local community. For example, for a rural community the sound of a busy city is quite distinct from that of a paddock full of cows. The sound of going to school in Dhaka, Bangladesh is quite different to going to school in London or New York.

My challenge to readers of this blog is to consider the possibilities of an international collaboration that inspires the celebration of everyday sounds and encourages students to record and reflect on their daily surroundings and share their experiences with others. We can add some visuals as well but I see this as an audio project without too many visuals 'in the way'.

I hope to meet with like-minded international educators at NECC06 in 2 weeks in San Diego and discuss the possibilities.

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At 2:50 PM, Blogger Kids Expo - ICT in Action said...

Hi there
I like your suggestion.
I teach in Auckland, NZ and will be at NECC. Currently I co-ordinate a collaborative podcast for The Year of the Veteran' hosted at
At Pt England School we are really interested in collaborative podcasts as we believe they have a lot to offer our students.
You may be interested in the podcast our students post weekly Korero Pt England (KPE). You will find it on iTunes by searching for KPE.

Perhaps I will bump into you at NECC!

Good luck with your project.


At 1:36 PM, Blogger dpresident said...


I've just come across your website. Did you ever manage to get this collaboration going? I'd love to get my students involved in an international collaborative project that involves podcasting. Are you coming to NECC 07?


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